NJ Cash is King

NJ Cash and Honesty is King at  Iron Scrap Metal Corp, Serving Morris County, Passaic County including WAYNE NJ!

Why do certain scrap metal buyers like Iron Scrap use this slogan, “Cash is King”?

It refers to the importance of cash flow and the overall financial health of a business.  Credit cards are out and having cash is of utmost importance in an economy rocked by debt.  The easiest way to getting cash is bringing your scrap metals to the buyer paying the most!   Giving out cash to consumers and businesses wanting to recycle their scrap metals is like getting gold deposited in the bank.

Iron Scrap is a company that serves consumers and businesses in Morris County, Passaic County, Sussex, Essex  and Hudson County, NJ.   This company is based on their honesty, integrity and top scrap metal prices paid out for all your recycling needs.  We, at NJ Cash is King,  found that many consumers found this growing business very accomodating and customer friendly.

If you are looking to make money on all your precious metals, ferrous and non ferrous  metals such as copper scrap, iron scrap, stainless steel scrap, brass,cables, refrigerators, aluminum, steel  and all other residential scrap as refrigerators, air conditioners, heating units and more then NJ Cash is King will be keeping you updated on all aspects of scrap metal and recycling in NJ.

At NJ Cash is King, we are providing a resource for all consumers and businesses looking to make some top cash from their metals, appliances from aluminum and aluminum siding, cable wires, construction sites, railroad ties to house construction scrap to check out this site for the latest cash scrap prices and deals on your metals.  This site will be geared towards scrap metal buyers to recycling tips and the scrap metal business in NJ.

If you are a resident in Morris, Passaic, Essex, Bergen or Hudson County, Iron Scrap Metal prides themselves on giving the best scrap metal prices and are actually the top scrap metal recycling firm in NJ.  This firm is well-known in NJ for its “Cash is King” drop off services.  Customer service has been rated as best in Morris and Passaic County and they will help you unload your scrap metals and pay you TOP DOLLAR on the spot!!!     No Hassles involved when you drop off your metals or call for Metal Scrap Pick Ups or Roll-off Services.  These guys have been known for giving the best scrap metal prices in Rockaway, Wayne, Pompon Lakes, Garfield, Passaic, and now expanding its services to roll-off services!

[blockquote align=’left’]Electricians, Plumbers, Home Contractors to Commercial Businesses…[/blockquote]

We at NJ Cash is King, feel that a business based on Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty to the Customer is one that should be promoted and respected among many other scrap metal dealers.  There have been many people that commented on “Cash is King”, what is it, where did it start and why is the scrap metal and recycling business known for it’s… [blockquote]Cash on the Spot…[/blockquote]

From electricians to plumbers and home construction contractors in NJ, Iron Scrap has been offering the best scrap metal cash prices to all in NJ, and based on consumer responses, they base their business on Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Service.

Types of  Scrap Metals That Pay Top Cash ?

Did you realize sewer pipes are made of copper, and if you recently had the pipes replaced, this could be worth a lot.  Copper is a big cash money maker.
Spools of copper wires that may be lying around your construction site or garage can be sold for cash.

Copper prices have risen drastically in the last few years, so much so that heavy gauge wires and pipes have gotten their weight in gold.

What Types of Copper Scrap Should You Sell?

Old antique pipes that you have or have been replaced are worth money and can bring a pretty penny, unless they are corroded heavily.  If they are corroded, try to clean this metal up as much as possible.

Non-insulated wires, especially if you have thick wires that were being used and are just lying around.  Insulated wires can be sold too, but prices will be a bit lower.  The reason why this  doesn’t fetch a higher price is because the scrap metal buyer will have to slice the insulation to get to the metals.

Other great copper metals you may have are copper pots, copper pans, copper buckets and older tea sets that probably have copper in them.

What Should You Do with Your Scrap Junk Before Selling?

The slogan “NJ Cash is King” is relevant because top prices are paid for clean scrap metals, the cleaner the junk metal is the better the cash price.   So, clean the items up and remove the green layers of rotting metal.   Many times the scrap metal buyer will do this but they will appreciate it if get it clean, reducing their workload drastically.

 What are the Benefits to Cash is King in NJ?

Whether you are a commercial business, electrical contractor, home contractor, plumber, heating company or home improvement DIY residential consumer, selling metal scrap brings <b>top cash prices to you!</b>   This is the foremost benefit of selling copper, brass, stainless steel, mixed metals, appliances, a/c units, compressors, aluminum wheels, catalytic converters, refrigerators, brass fixtures and much more.

[list style=’2′] [li color=’#2235b3′] Other reasons for selling scrap metals is that you are saving the environment, since recycling metals  reduces the hassles in making new products.   This also helps reduce the prices of new products.[/li][/list]

The last and best reason to selling your scrap for recycling is going to an

Environmental pollution is a common concern from all scrap metals, since raw metal oxides exposed to the elements and left in landfills pollutes.  The prolonged exposure to the changing climate starts rotting the metals and many times these oxides seep into the underground water supply, causing much pollution and such harmful health concerns.

So, believe in Green and Help the Environment and you can make some fast, hard cash for recycling all your scrap metals at NJ Cash is King and Iron Scrap Metal in NJ.

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Heating Units for Cash

Looking to cash-in on the latest cash for copper craze?  With scrap metal copper prices being at an all-time high it would be well worth your while.  In NJ Cash is King for all used commercial and residential air conditioners in Morris, Passaic, Essex, Bergen, Hudson and Middlesex counties.

Did you know that a single A/C copper coil could fetch anywhere from $50 to $100?  Not bad for a days’ worth of work.  And taking apart an AC/Heating unit is not as difficult as it may first appear.

How to Take Apart AC/Heating Units for Cash?

First and foremost check with all federal laws and regulations before attempting this.  Because aid conditioning units contain a hazardous material, the cooling refrigerant Freon, it is illegal to allow it to be released into the air.  As a result it must be removed by a Freon recovery machine by a certified professional.  Contact your local AC/Heating company or scrap yard to see if they will do this for you.

Now with the legalities out of the way let’s start with the first step:

Step1 – If you are disassembling a window air-conditioning unit, unscrew the metal plate from the back of the unit.  If you are taking apart a central AC unit remove the outside shell via a drill bit to undo the fasteners.  Or, you can also just cut the condenser lines and pull it out.  Continue removing fasteners until you have stripped the unit down to the condensers.

Step 2 – Remove the components of the unit.  This includes the plastic fan, iron motor, aluminum and copper heat exchanger and iron compressor.

Step 3 – Sort and separate the metal components.  Place all copper, iron, aluminum and steel in separate piles.

Step 4 – Remove anything that is not metal from the components.  This includes all plastic and rubber that may be attached to the metals.

Step 5 – Clean your metals.  You don’t need to break out the soap and water but as long as you wipe it down with a cloth, removing any dust, dirt and grease residue the more money you will get when trying to recycle the scrap metal.

Step 6 – Cut the copper lines out.  This can be fairly easily done with bolt cutters.  Just make sure you cut as close to the connection as possible to retrieve all copper, but not so close to get steel contamination.  Make sure you also cut out the soldered joints in the lines.  These are worth approximately 10 cents more per pound.  Make sure you have a pan to catch the compressor oil left behind in the copper lines.

Step 7 – Take your scrap metal down to your local scrap dealer and cash in!

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Cash for Copper: Copper Thefts on the Rise

Cash is King NJ has been researching the increase in prices for copper and many scrap metals in Morris, Essex, Hudson,Passaic, Ocean and many other counties.

The price for copper these days is on the rise.  Unfortunately, so are the thefts of copper.  The United States Department of Energy states that what was once a minor nuisance has turned into a $1 billion dollar problem.

States are starting to fight back.  The Governor of South Carolina signed into law a bill that prevents recyclers paying cash for copper.  Seems pretty ridiculous, but goes to show you what an epidemic it’s become.

As of August 17, of 2011 persons trying to sell copper to recyclers in South Carolina, will be required to have a permit.  The permits are free but must be obtained from local law enforcement.  The recyclers are not allowed to give cash for copper; they must write a check and get identification.  Recyclers are not allowed to buy copper from anyone that doesn’t have a permit.

The reason for such an extreme measure?  Thieves are destroying air conditioning units on homes, churches and other buildings, as well as destroying farmer’s irrigation systems on their land while trying to strip away the copper.

In Richland County in South Carolina it’s their number one crime.  Thieves getting cash for copper have caused insurance claims to go up dramatically.  In 2010 one insurance company that insures churches saw $1.10 million in copper theft claims.  By June of 2011 they had already paid out that much in claims.

It costs approximately $6000 to replace a churches’ air conditioning unit as opposed to the thief getting maybe $100 for the copper parts.

North Carolina has a law on the books that makes it illegal to be carrying more than 25 pounds of copper and scrap metal businesses are required to ask for identification from copper sellers.

On Christmas Eve 2011 in Southwest Florida approximately 300 residents were without phone service due to thieves ripping out copper from telephone utility boxes.

The list of copper thefts is endless.  In addition, it is also a dangerous activity with deaths having occurred as a result of thieves trying to steal copper from electrical utility boxes or from power grids; all for a few hundred dollars.

With the growing awareness of copper theft law enforcement and state legislatures are cracking down on illegal cash for copper schemes.  As one law enforcement officer stated, you cannot stop people from committing crimes, but hopefully copper theft laws will prevent some thefts from ever happening.

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Earn Cash for Recycling

At NJ Cash is King, we will let consumers and businesses know how to make some cash for recycling.

Let’s face it, Recycling is probably getting easier each year, but in reality, people are lazy.  Go along the highway and streets, bottles are thrown on the streets and into trash bins instead of recycling bins that are a foot away from each other.  Why with all this technology, are landfills filled with computer scrap.  Much of the electronics can be deconstructed for many of its e-scrap parts and metals.  Here are a few programs that are offering changes to armchair environmentalists, here are a few good ways to earn hard, cold cash for recycling certain products.

Cellphones:  Cash offers for cellphones is great, especially since it is infrequently recycled and many people get new ones yearly.  Oftentimes, the old cellphones are sitting around the house and around 7 percent toss it in the garbage.  You can get cash for cells.

The tragedy is that most phones are full of chemical hazards that leach into the ground and get into the water.  California rates these as hazardous waste materials and Cell for Cash and other local businesses offer cash for hundreds of models.  All you have to do is pack it up, postage-paid and send it in, but now many recycling centers are taking them for free.  If you send it in to companies buying these gadgets, they need to verify it, along with the chargers, since they will refurbish the phone and sell them to developing countries.

Realize though, many phones are not worth the cash and many models are listed on the site as “FREE RECYCLING”, so there is no resale value to you or the buyer. 
We have old Nokia phones, perfect condition, doesn’t bring any money in.

Stay TUNED FOR UPDATES on who will give you money for your old cellphones, listings soon!



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Scrap Metal Recycling Is One Of The Best New Self-Starter And Green Business Models

A variety of factors have come together today to make scrap metal recycling one of the most exiting ways to make some extra money, that is why we call this NJ Cash is King!   To start a new business with a quick and excellent cash flow, the skill levels needed are minimal, so just about anyone can do this.

World demand for recycled metals has never been higher, thanks to booming economies in the Far East, especially China. Demand has skyrocketed for steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals. Recycling scrap metal has also been recognized as one of the best green business models of today because it cleans up junky areas, reduces landfill space, and also reduces the need for harmful, large-scale mining of natural areas for raw metal ores.

But the important thing for you to know is that you can start making money with scrap metal recycling rather easily, and with only a small initial investment to get going.

So what we’re talking about here is finding scrap metals, hauling them to a recycling center, where you get paid by the pound for the metal you deliver.  The concept is simple, you almost certainly have done scrap metal recycling on a small scale already if you have ever brought in your aluminum soda cans to a recycling center in exchange for some pocket cash.

Well, think of scrap metal recycling as the same thing, except the goal is to find much larger amounts of metal – hundreds of pounds at a time – and sell it to those who pay for it in your area. The primary metals the average scrap metal recycler are looking for are steel, copper and aluminum, and brass. These metals tend to be fairly easy to find in a variety of places.

For example, old washing machines, dryers and other appliances contain large amount of aluminum. You can often spot these on junk collection days, especially the days when you city announces special collection days for large items. Few will mind if you offer to take this “junk” off their hands. The idea is to strip the appliances of aluminum and other metals – and sell it.

Finding scrap copper is probably the Holy Grail of the scrap metal collector. Copper prices have soared, and you’ll be paid top dollar for every pound you bring in. The challenge is finding it. Most scrap copper is generated by old plumbing pipes, tubing, electrical wires, but also smaller items like kettles, bracelets, or decorative items. Flea markets and garage sales can yield copper items.

Steel can be found in an amazing array of places – old cars, tire rims, old farm equipment, the siding on old buildings, in public junk grounds, garages, sheds and more. But all kinds of things are made of steel, such as bed frames, garden equipment, lamps stands and much more. Keep out a sharp eye.

It’s a good idea to tell all your friends and acquaintances that you’re looking for metal to recycle. Many times they’ll be happy if you get rid of it for them, or you can pay them a percentage of what you collect.

Now, it’s important to note that if you really want to get into scrap metal recycling in a significant way, you’ll need some equipment, mainly something to haul your items with. This can be a pick-up truck, or a pick-up and trailer – but you can also pull a small trailer with a car.  Some people make due with their car’s trunk as they get started! You’ll also need certain tools, especially an acetylene torch for cutting metal.

Start small if you need to. See how much scrap aluminum you can load into your trunk or the back seat of your car, cash it in, and use the money you earn to grow as you go in your scrap metal recycling business.

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Cash for Recycling Scrap

At NJ Cash is King, this section will cover all the cash that can be made from recycling scrap metals.

Today recycling in NJ is a big thing and being environmentally friendly is not only good for the environment and people but it can make you some cash!

With the “green movement” gaining momentum every year, getting cash for recycling has never been easier and has become a favorite hobby for some.

It’s easy to find items around your house to recycle for cash, and there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you are also doing something great for the environment.

And the fact that you can now “cash” in on just about any items you no longer use or need around your house makes the chore of “recycling” an intriguing venture.

Because you can get cash for recycling for just about anything these days, it’s nice to know that you’re not left with just collecting aluminum cans like in the “good old days”.

One household item that you may have not considered recycling for cash, but that you can find around your house are empty inkjet printer cartridges.

Don’t just drop your empty cartridge in the recycling box at your local office supply store.  Get cash for it instead!

You can get up to $22 per cartridge.  No wonder those office supply stores had those old printer cartridge recycling boxes sitting out as soon as you walked into their stores.  They weren’t just trying to do a good deed; there was money to be made from it!

Usually you can recycle your empty toner cartridges online.  Just do a search on Google to find a place that you can mail them to.

You can also recycle old phones for cash.  Who doesn’t have an outdated old cell phone lying around that they didn’t know what to do with?  And the good news is that usually the places that accept your empty ink cartridges also accept your old cell phones as well.

And speaking of aluminum cans.  It is so much easier to collect cans today then back in the “good old days”.  Why? Because all you have to do is walk down the street in your own neighborhood and just pluck them right out of the recycle box sitting on the curb for trash day.

While you’re at it, grab those old newspapers, soda, beer or wine bottles, and instead of having to search them out in your own trash, just dig through all those recycle boxes out on the curb on recycle day.

Once trash or recycling is set out at the curb to be taken away, it’s no longer considered private property in most jurisdictions.  Therefore you don’t have to worry about doing something illegal.

Just make sure you check with your city before you start pawing through your neighbor’s trash to be on the safe side.

Also, should someone come out of their house to see what you’re doing just tell them up front you’re trying to get cash for recycling and it’s likely they won’t mind.

Below, is an interesting  video concerning what the Green Movement Got Right and Wrong.

What the Green Movement Got Right and Wrong

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